PCB Design tools by isola

isoDesign® Product Browser:

Browse material constructions and data sheets on Isola's proprietary resin systems:

  • Dielectric properties (DK/DF) of high speed digital and radio frequency/microwave resin systems
  • View and Print material constructions (glass styles and corresponding resin content)

Stackup Designer

Build multi-layer PCB stackups with Isola's intuituve web-based isoStack application with the following built-in features:

  • Up to date dielectric (DK/DF) properties of Isola's proprietary resin systems
  • Impedance calculator for SE and DIFF microstrip/stripline configurations
  • Pressed thickness calculators to mitigate resin starvation in etched layers

Power Handling & Impedance Calculator

Download our free Calculator to:

  • Predict important RF design attributes for microstrip & stripline configurations
  • Compute total insertion loss due to dielectric/conductor losses and power lost through heat

More Features coming:

Isola is dedicated to supporting your PCB design efforts by providing tools and services you can rely on. If you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate contact us.

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